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Top 5 FOREX Guide Reviews

Written By kall on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 | 22:26

Top 5 FOREX Guide Reviews

"FOREX" is also known as "foreign exchange trading" or "currency trading". By buying and selling currency actively, you can make tons of money fast.

However, the most important thing is to find out which FOREX Guide programs you should spend time with, and which ones to avoid. On this page we have reviewed the Top 5 FOREX Guide Programs that are proven to work.

Our Top Recommendation!

FOREX Autopilot***** 5 star

As the name suggests, FOREX Autopilot is a software application that does FOREX trading in an automated manner.

The program has automated trading bots in a software format, which you install on your computer. You have to do nothing more than this installation but to keep your PC on. You will find that these trading bots will handle all the FOREX transactions for you all through the night and in the morning, you see that you have a swollen account!

Naturally, there is much criticism whether such a thing really works but FOREX Autopilot is genuine software released by Marcus Leary, a FOREX expert who also has innate Internet marketing knowledge.

Also Recommended!

FOREX Avenger**** 4 star

The FOREX Avenger is a trading system that helps people who wish to go about the FOREX trading systems.

This program has been designed by Dave Curran who has spent years trading on FOREX, analyzed its highs and lows and has now presented this automated system to the world.

Dave Curran's method comes with an acknowledgment from reputed names such as Old Tree Publishing.

Also Recommended!

FOREX Killer**** 4 star

FOREX Killer
is an automated FOREX trader that works through computer systems, hooking up with the Internet.

The system is developed by Andreas Kirchberger, a former Deutsche Bank employee who worked as a FOREX adviser there.

Today, FOREX Killer is one of the top five automated FOREX websites in the world. The method is devised as a foolproof system to bring unavoidable trading benefits to users.

Also Recommended!

FOREX Funnel**** 4 star

FOREX Funnel is an automated FOREX trading system that works with the help of automated trading bots that you need to install on your computer system.

The program is for both newbie as well as professional FOREX traders because of its automated system that is suitable for everyone.

The license of the program is owned by FOREXFunnel.com

Also Recommended!

FOREX Tracer
**** 4 star

FOREX Tracer is an automatic FOREX trading system that operates on MT4 trading accounts.

The program uses both FOREX knowledge as well as serious mathematical algorithms to make serious winning FOREX trades.

The program works on all kinds of Windows versions, including the newest versions of Vista.

The program has been designed by people who are professional experts of FOREX trading.

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