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9 Secrets to Decoding Your Personal Path to Happiness

Written By kall on Thursday, 3 May 2007 | 15:58

. Identify Your Values
What do you value most in life? Adventure? Security? Family? Independence? When you know what you value most, you know which type of goals will bring you the happiness you seek as well as the areas that will fail to provide fulfillment.

2. Inventory Your Needs
After food, water, and shelter, the needs we share as human beings continue. To experience deep and lasting happiness, we also require variety, control, connection with others, significance, growth, and to give. The question is, which needs are going unfulfilled in your life? The answer will lead you to the goals you need most.

3. Moments of Clarity
Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt on top of the world? Like you were in the zone and nothing could stop you? By recalling the specific characteristics of these moments, you can discover the deeply-rooted needs and desires they fulfilled and use that discovery to create a new branch of goals that are sure to satisfy.

4. Your Greatest Strengths
In most cases, people love to get involved with areas and activities that play to their strengths. It's a quick and easy way to trigger feelings of pride and accomplishment. So, what are your greatest strengths? Use the answers to further uncover your personal path to happiness.

5. Your Greatest Weaknesses
Just as important as getting in touch with your personal strengths is recognizing your greatest weaknesses. Why? Happiness not only requires following the right path but also avoiding the wrong ones. By understanding where your skills or talents fall short, you can avoid the goals and dreams that would exploit these factors and focus on the paths of greatest potential.

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6. Admiration Insights
Whom do you admire? Why? Within these answers lies a key to decoding your personal path to happiness. When you figure out exactly which qualities or achievements you admire and respect most, you can adopt them as your own pursuits and be sure that they'll match your true desires.

7. What's Working?
What is working really well in your life right now? Which specific areas are making you happy? Sometimes putting your finger on the right goals is simply a matter of taking notice of what's working and following its lead.

8. What's Broken?
People may struggle to pinpoint the things that will make them happy, but we are all expert at identifying the things that make our lives miserable. By zeroing in on the aspects of your life that you dislike, you'll have a set of goals and objectives proven to improve the quality of your life. Simply take what you hate and strive for its opposite.

9. Defining a Legacy
What do you most want to be remembered for after you're gone? When you know the answer to this question, you'll know exactly which type of goals and dreams you need to begin pursuing today. Not only that, you'll never have to rely on hope to make a positive impact. With the right goals in play, you can take control of the issue and guarantee it.

With just a handful of these simple tricks put in play, you can begin to uncover your personal path to true success and lasting happiness. Good luck!